Our internship program is unique to each intern who works with us. We love looking at each intern’s gifts and passions before we create a program that benefits both the intern and our ministry. Regardless of what each internship looks like, interns can be confident that working with us will be a rewarding experience.

As an intern, individuals get the opportunity to serve behind-the-scenes in many different areas. Interns work with local churches, help take care of mission teams, pursue creative interests of their own, and serve in various branches of our ministry such as kids’ clubs, youth drop-ins, events with the climbing wall, Elite Archery Range, and Eagle Creek.

Interns can work with us for as long as twelve months. Intern requirements vary depending on the amount of time each intern serves (i.e. interns who serve long term will need a Travel/Resident Visa(Certificates of Sponsorship)). Interns who have served with us have typically served for one of the following periods of time: 1-13 weeks, 6-9 months, or 12 months. However, we welcome interns for any amount of time.

Perhaps one of the coolest aspects of internships with ALT is the opportunity to become part of a family. ALT directors Desi and Pamela Fisher invite interns into their lives and treat them just as they would treat their own daughter or son. Though interns keep a busy schedule with various service opportunities, interns can trust that they will have plenty of time to rest and time to travel. Previous interns have travelled to other areas of Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, and Scotland. We view our internships as a partnership, and therefore do our best to create a schedule that serves our interns just as much as it serves our ministry’s needs.

“Serving as an intern with ALT was such a sweet blessing. I learned so much about the culture and grew tremendously in my walk with Christ as I served around the community. I love the people, and I loved the experience!”

-Kassi Galbreath, 2015

“ALT is an amazing ministry under great leadership that truly knows what ministry looks like, building relationships, and meeting people where they are at.” – Haleigh Davis, 2019

“ALT has played a pivotal role in my life. Heading into my 3 month internship I knew that I really just needed a season of encouragement and empowerment when it came to my faith. Desi and Pam helped me with just that and more. I am proud to say I am part of the ALT family!” – Natalie Graham, 2019

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